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Bangalore Best Home Baker | Cake Ideology Bangalore | South Bangalore Home Bakers | Bakery Near me | Top Home Bakers in Bangalore | Home Bakers | Customised Cakes | Cup Cakes Cake Ideology | Home Baker Apoorva Prakash | Bangalore Best Customized Cakes | Wedding Cakes | Birthday Cakes | Free Delivery Cakes | A Celebration is not a celebration without a Cake. Isn't it right?? Cakes are some thing that can always bring happiness to anyone, let it be a small child or an old man. Cake is some that has love and chocolate as ingredients and the oven bakes it into something cool, sweet and sugary which is full of joy and happiness. We, at Cake Ideology work here to deliver that joy, that love, that taste to you anytime and anywhere. Cakes are of various types, some contain only butter and sugar called Butter cakes. These cakes are so smooth and buttery that it melts as soon as u keep it in mouth and give you a taste blast. Some cakes contain fudge in it known as Fudge cakes which are awesome in taste. We make cakes with only the ingredients you list us along with a ton of joy to fill your heart. Our cakes are loaded with love as our cakes are Baked with Love & Joy. We, at Cake Ideology provide you almost all types of cakes, whether it is a cupcake, a muffin or a 10 pound birthday cake to Celebrate any Occasion. We provide you everything fresh and tasty like pastries, doughnuts, rum balls, anytime and anywhere to make you high on sugar and feel Loved even in North Bangalore while being based in South Bangalore. Isn't it very good for you when you are from North Bangalore ? In Karnataka we are the Home Baker based in South Bangalore that provide you some of the Exotic cakes just like Angel cakes,Cheese cakes, Fruit Pies, fondant cakes that are not easy to get just to meet your expectations and needs and make you feel Loved. The Cakes made by us have a natural Aroma that will make you go insane and you will bribe yourself just to have a bite of it. Our cakes are made only with natural ingredients & are Baked with loads of love without the use of any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. To wake up your taste buds Cake Ideology the only Baker in South Bangalore that bakes their beloved cakes in special ovens. Our cakes are specially decorated and made by some of the amazingprofessional so that you can get what you ordered. We are the Top and the Best Home Bakers that provide you cakes made in pure hygienic conditions. We have cakes that are special and are filled with love. We welcome our customers very warm heartedly. As the top and the best home baked cakes, we assure you to give the best quality and quantity and that too with Affordable Price. But What if you want to host a Cake Party ?? Don't worry. We have the facility to take Corporate Orders at Economical and reasonable cost and then also provide you the best quality of service. We can send our professionals and bakers to your place for big Corporate Orders, so that you don't have the headache of picking up the order and take it to the venue safely. This is our plus point. We have very auspicious and important customers which we know as Celebrities. Cake Ideology Bangalore is famous among them and is their very first choice for some sugary treat. Cake Ideology Bangalore also provides Sugar free cakes, that have Stevia which is a plant based sweetener that is replaced by sugar and making it naturally sweet. So when eating cakes baked at Cake Ideology, you don't have to worry about putting on some weight as we are very conscious about our Customer Health. Cake Ideology cakes are very natural and full of happiness, to wake up your taste buds we at Cake Ideology Bangalore is pledged to provide the best experience to our customers and welcome them again and again and help us to spread Love by means of Cakes. Our Social Media Partners Insta - Facebook - Google Page - To Order - Give us a chance to serve you. See you at our Outlet in Kamakya Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage To Order give us a call at 931068896 Labels: bakedwithloveandjoy, bangalorecakes, cake, home baked cakes delivered, home baked cakes near me, home bakery near me, homebakery, selling cakes baked at home, takeyourbuds Location: Kamakya Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085, India Labels

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